Due to the fantastic support shown by the NWSA especially through Eric Witherspoon and Jim McInally Tir Prince have put in for 6 confirmed races and 1 provisional date for 2011. Due to requests from Amman Valley and Tir Prince S4C have moved the Rasus series to a Wednesday. Therefore all our races except the Whitsun meeting will be run on Wednesdays. There will be fewer televised meetings this year and due to the rugby World Cup in September the Crock of Gold meeting moves to 31st August. The proposed dates need confirmation from the BHRC but are proposed as:

Tuesday 31st May

Wednesday 27th July Crock of Gold heat

Wednesday 3rd August

Wednesday 10th August

Wednesday 17th August Crock of Gold heat

Wednesday 31st August Crock of Gold Final

The provisional date is Wednesday 24th August.

NWSA have committed to raise sponsorship to cover the prize money for all races (except Crock of Gold and Billy Williams) at the moment they have pledges for at least three meetings but need help and support to cover the other three (or four) meetings. If you can help or know someone who may be interested in sponsorship please contact Eric Witherspoon on 0791 9818925 or Jim McInally on 07764664169 all monies raised goes directly to NWSA. If you want racing to continue at Tir Prince they need all the help that they can get!

Adam, David and the team wish all of you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.