The 2018 Season at Tir Prince Raceway was a successful one and we have been crunching the numbers so to speak! Considering that harness racing is still considered a minority sport in The UK and Ireland we are very proud of the fact that THE TOTAL PRIZE MONEY PAID OUT FOR RACES THAT TOOK PLACE OVER THE 8 MEETINGS AMOUNTS TO £305544. That’s right folks OVER THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS in prize money. This figure is swelled by The Trot Britain Le Trot Races and The Breeders Crown Series which have given Prize Money in the UK a major boost. Other factors include the increase in Major Stakes races and of course our sponsors to whom we are very grateful. We would also like to point out that Tir Prince Raceway contributed £17366 additional money to the prize monies in 2018.

Top Trainer was Teresa Haythornwaite with 13 wins beating Alexis Laidler in second place with 9 wins whilst Top Driver was James Haythornwaite with 11 winning drives beating William Laidler and Jonathan Dunne into second place with 9 wins each

In 2019 we intend to apply for very similar dates to this year and hopefully all will go well as we’re sure you’ll agree the figures speak for themselves and Tir Prince Raceway is still the major player in harness racing in The UK.