Welcome to Fun Land Amusement Park.

Family fun that never stops!

Get ready for an exhilarating treat – Family Fun doesnt get any better than a trip to our amazing Tir Prince Amusement Park.

There is so much to do for all ages, and the fun never stops!

Funland has something for everyone.

  • For the thrill seekers– Magic Mouse coaster, The Waltzer, Twister, Jump and Smile
  • For the little ones– Caterpillar rides, Race o-Rama, Runaway train, Formula
  • Family fun ones– Go karts, Bumper cars, Ghost train
  • Snack stops– Nutella House, Melt Burger Bar, Noodle house
  • We also have guest rides throughout the year so don’t miss out on the fun!

Our Premier Family Amusement Park and Go Kart Track offers a wide range of rides and activities for all ages, including Wild Mouse, Jump and Smile and everyone’s favorite The Waltz!

We have rides for all ages!

Magic Mouse Coaster

The Magic Mouse Coaster ride at Tir Prince Raceway is a thrilling roller coaster experience for all ages! Guests will soar over hills, twist around turns and experience a range of unexpected drops and loops. Guests will zoom around the track in individual cars and share the experience with up to four riders per car. This thrilling ride is a great way to have a thrilling time at Tir Prince Raceway.

The Waltzer

The Waltzer Ride at Tir Prince Raceway is the perfect thrill ride for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Experience fast spins, thrilling twists, and electrifying music as you ride along the tracks in one of the amusement park’s classic cars. Enjoy the lights, music, and all the thrills the Waltzer Ride has to offer.

Go karts

Go Karts at Tir Prince Raceway is the perfect place to experience the thrill of a true race-style go-kart experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll enjoy speeding around the demanding track at various speeds while weaving around the challenging turns and straights. This family-friendly experience will offer you an unforgettable day of motor racing. You and your family or friends will have endless fun sliding around the track, racing against the clock to achieve the fastest time possible.







  • Little Wheel: 2
  • Formula: 2
  • Mini Waltzer: 2
  • Balloons: 2.5
  • Family Roller Coaster: 2.5
  • Waltzer: 2.5
  • Ghost Train: 2.5
  • Drop Tower: 2.5
  • Race-O-Rama: 2.5
  • Twister / Sizzler: 2.5
  • Runaway Train: 2.5
  • Miami: 3
  • Jump & Smile: 3
  • Snow Jets: 3

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