Two weeks ago asked the BHRC to sanction a meeting on Tuesday 10th July to replace the 5th June meeting that had to be called off due to damage to the track caused by a main sewer explosion. Unfortunately they were not prepared to sanction the date due to “an impassioned objection” made by Ceredigion who are running their big meeting a few days before. comments “When I received  the email from Kirsty telling me Ceredigion had objected I was gobsmacked. I could not for the life of me understand how a training meeting of probably 30 odd horses could possibly interfere with one of the biggest meetings of the year. I immediately emailed Mr Bulman asking him to withdraw his objection and an independent third party has asked the Ceredigion Chairman to intervene but as of 17.00 hrs on Wednesday 20th June we have not yet had any reply from Ceredigion. It is saddening that two organisations in Wales cannot sort out a matter like this and in my knowledge it is the first time the BHRC has upheld an objection from a meeting that is being held FIVE DAYS BEFORE another meeting. Once again it is the fans of hard track racing in North Wales that suffer. We have now run out of time to advertise and promote the meeting. We will however open the track for workouts before our 21st birthday party meeting on 21st July, we will let you know nearer the time.”