Tir Prince Management wish to inform all reserved traders that from Saturday 1st April 2023 full market Terms and Conditions will be applied and we bring specific attention to Section 8a regarding non-attendance. We have been very flexible with our terms to date, however non-attendance takes opportunities away from other traders and puts them at a disadvantage. For full Terms and Conditions please refer to the Tir Prince Market 2023 Traders Information:

8a. Full rents will be charged for traders missing Saturdays and Sundays between 15th July and 27th August then 21st to 27th October 2023

If you have a reasonable justification for non-attendance on applicable dates please speak to Tir Prince Market Management with as much notice as possible.

All booked pitches must be attended on trading days. If you have booked a pitch and do not attend, your stall must be cleared for the trading day. Additional charges may be applied for unattended pitches.